• X2020- The X2020 Xvest comes with 20 one pound weights. The X2020 can hold up to 20 pounds of weights.

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    Xvest adjustable weighted vest

    Xvest™ Used by Pro Athletes        From XVEST USA

    Great For CROSSFIT

    Adjustable Weighted Vest
    Boosts Performance and Accelerates Weight Loss
    The Xvest is an adjustable weighted vest that's designed for use by both men and women. It fits snuggly to your body, and allows you to incrementally add weight to any exercise, from walking to high-speed sports training. The added load of the Xvest will significantly increase the number of Calories you burn, while improving your strength and speed.
    What Makes This a Better Fitness Product?
    Unlike other weighted vests, the Xvest is designed to fit like a glove on any size body. Its adjustable shoulder straps, individual weight pockets, and unique "Quad-Lateral" waist strap insure that the Xvest and its weights stay safely and securely in contact with your torso, even during high-speed movements. This product is a much better alternative than hand or ankle weights, which inhibit movement of your extremities and put unnecessary stress on your joints. With the Xvest, you can quickly and safely increase the Calorie-burning power of almost any exercise.
    How to Use the Xvest
    Before using the Xvest, customize its fit by following the simple instructions that come with this product. For maximum comfort, you'll want to make sure that the Xvest fits your body snuggly and securely.

    You can use the Xvest to increase the intensity of virtually any weight-bearing exercise, including walking, hiking, running, and aerobics. It also provides a nice overload for strength training movements like push ups, chin ups, dips, and plyometrics.

    The Xvest's design allows you to quickly add or remove weight in one pound increments. Even if you only plan to walk with the Xvest, you should start out with a very small amount of weight. Increase the weight gradually over the following weeks as you get used to the feel of the added resistance.

    You can continue to increase the amount of weight that you use with the Xvest, as long as it doesn't compromise your exercise form. For simple exercises like walking, most healthy adults will be able to work up to as much as 15% of their bodyweight.

    Xvest running
    Benefits of Using the Xvest
    Xvest users enjoy the following benefits...
    Increased Strength and Speed
    By increasing your body's weight, the Xvest forces every muscle in your body to work a little harder. This is especially true of the muscles in your hips and legs, which power you through running and jumping movements. The additional load placed on these muscles conditions them to fire more powerfully. With regular use, the Xvest will give you the ability to jump higher and run faster.
    Accelerated Weight Loss
    For weight-bearing exercises (e.g. walking or running), the number of Calories that you burn is directly proportional to your bodyweight. So by increasing your weight 10% with the Xvest, you'll immediately increase your caloric expenditure by 10%. That's an incredible boost, considering that using the Xvest doesn't increase the time needed for the exercise, and makes only a small impact on your perceived exertion.
    Improved Respiration
    The Xvest's Quad-Lateral straps are wide elastic bands that encircle your torso to insure that the Xvest stays snuggly in place, regardless of how you move. The Quad-Lateral straps put a slight constrictive force on your torso, which must be overcome by your lungs as you breathe. Regular use of the Xvest will improve your ability to breathe deeply during exercise. Xvest calls this effect "Dynamic Respiratory Resistance".
    Miscellaneous Benefits
    The Xvest also conditions your mind to adjust to the added weight. Removing the Xvest at the end of your exercise session will give you a "refreshed" feeling. While difficult to quantify, you'll suddenly feel lighter on your feet and move more freely and gracefully than before.
    Unique Features of the Xvest
    High-quality construction sets the Xvest apart from its competitors...
    xvest-features.jpg (16989 bytes)
    1. 2-piece clamshell design, constructed of 400 denier nylon with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment.
    2. Overlapping shoulder segments allow adjustment of length and depth. Redundant high-strength shoulder straps insure secure attachment, and allow fine tuning of the fit.
    3. Orthopedic, moisture-wicking liner with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment is soft enough to wear comfortably on bare skin.
    4. All seams are surged and bound for lasting durability.
    5. Four Velcro-secured flaps conceal 20 individual weight pockets, which keep the removable weights from bouncing or shifting during movement.
    6. Quad-Lateral elastic straps with Velcro closures keep the Xvest securely positioned on your body.
    7. D-rings, front and back, allow attachment of resistance cords for sports or therapeutic use.


    Xvest X2020 Sizing
    Each Xvest X2020 has a total of (20) individual weight pockets concealed beneath four Velcro-secured flaps on the front and back of the vest. Included with the Xvest are a set of (20) 1-lb cylindrical weights, which can easily be added or removed, based on the athlete's needs.

    Please note that the Xvest is sold by waist size, not chest size. This product is highly adjustable, but the Quad-Lateral straps can only do their job if you order the proper waist size.

    XVEST SIZING -  XVEST is very adjustable but for the best fit order by waist size

    X-Small - 22”-28”

    Small - 26”-32”

    Medium - 30”-36”

    Large - 34”-40”

    X-Large - 38”-44”